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Welcome to my website! I'm Andreas Vogt, nuclear-phyiscs Ph.D. with a background in experimental nuclear-structure physics and a current focus on nuclear applications in the oil and gas industry. Take a casual stroll through my academic journey, from γ-ray spectroscopy and multinucleon-transfer and nuclear-structure experiments at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (IKP) in Cologne to diving into nuclear logging-while-drilling technology .

During my studies, I was primarily interested in γ-ray spectroscopy after multinucleon-transfer reactions, collective motion and dynamics in neutron-rich actinide nuclei and high-spin states above long-lived isomers in the near the N=82 and Z=50 shell closures. My research was based on experiments with the novel European high-efficiency γ-ray spectroscopy array AGATA which was employed in its demonstrator configuration at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (Italy) from 2010 to 2011. A new particle-coincidence method allowed to discriminate different reaction types like fission and multinucleon-transfer reactions by using two ancillary detector systems, namely the mass spectrometer PRISMA and the microchannel-plate detector DANTE. This enabled the clean separation of the interesting γ-rays from the multitude of reaction products in order to study collective effects in those exotic nuclei. AGATA was not only used to measure γ-rays but also x-rays and neutron fluxes in order to identify and quantify the elusive reaction products. The results obtained with AGATA were complemented with further experiments using a new dedicated setup at the HORUS γ-ray spectrometer in Cologne.

In 2018, I made the switch to the oil and gas industry developing nuclear instrumentation, nuclear formation-evaluation algorithms and performing detailed radiation-transport simulations. This site provides links to my social media channels, where you can catch occasional updates on my professional journey and insights into the blend of nuclear physics and industry applications. Connect with me on social media!




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